Fallout 76
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  • How to make it compatible with TZMapMarkers

    ➢ Get the right tool

    Download fallout 4 creation kit in the bethesda launcher. We won't use the actual creation kit but, a tool that comme with it.
    I belive once installed, all Ba2 files will open with that tool.
    Default location:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\games\CK\Tools\Archive2\Archive2.exe

    ➢ Opening Ba2 files

    Ba2 are like wrappers for files.
    You can open Ba2 files with Archive2.
    Inside it you will find, in our case, some swf files. That's flash player.
    They are arranged inside the folder interface as shown like this on Archive2:

  • Configuration documentation for v2.1

    Don't add comments or spaces in your xml file like I do here.


  • How to edit XML configuration file

    Hello there and welcome to Custom Crosshair file configuration

    CustomCrosshair.xml file is meant to be edited by the user for changing crosshair appearance and behavior.
    It can be opened with any text editor like NotePad++ or simply Windows NotePad.
    Feel free to post your own crosshair settings or pictures on the mod page =)

    - Brief explanation of XML

    XML consist of elements containing values or other elements.
    Think of them as containers or boxes inside boxes.
    Values can be numbers or words.
    Elements have a start tag and an end tag.

    - Syntax

    Each tag start with < followed by its name and end with >
    Don't move tags organisation
    Example: ...

  • How to change the mouse cursor appearance

    Opening and editing the xml configuration
    You can open CustomCursor.xml with any text editor like notepad++
    Xml files contains tags to organise information. Here is the structure of a tag:


    You can resume this to tagName=value.
    Don't touch the tagName.
    Edit the value only.
    Value can be different type. Numbers and words for example.
    For color, ignore the 0x part and forcus on the 4 number or letter next to it.
    Use a color picker to find those 4: https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp

    A tag can contains other tags and act like a container like so:


  • XML Cursor edit guide

    Old article

    Documentation on the text file configuration of version 1.0 CustomCursor All In One

    Change the EditMe part between the tags like this one <test>EditMe</test>
    Here are some comments on what to change them to.
    Start of a comment is with a ;
    This is not a proper way to comment a xml file. Character ; is only for this guide.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
     <Visible>true</Visible> ;When set to false or 0 it will hide the default fallout76 cursor
     <HotSpot>true</HotSpot> ;This true or 0 will show a red dot where the click area is
     <X>3</X> ;Will adjust position of the cursor...

  • How to manually install Fallout76 mods

    Installation instruction:

    1. Adding ba2 files
    Copy and past the .ba2 in the data folder where Fallout 76 is installed. Default Fallout 76 Installation Path:
    Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\games\Fallout76\Data

    2. Preparing Fallout76Custom.ini
    If you don't have a Fallout76Custom.ini in your folder "Documents\My Games\Fallout 76" let's create one.
    Create a text file named Fallout76Custom inside that folder
    Modify its extention from .txt to .ini
    *you can also just copy/past Fallout76Prefs.ini delete his content and rename it Fallout76Custom

    3. Editing Fallout76Custom.ini
    Open Fallout76Custom.ini with a text editor and write your new ba2 file na...

  • How to use

    Download the file and copy all the photos, then go into: This PC > Documents > My Games > Fallout 76 > Photos, then in the Photos
    file you should find a file that has a bunch of letters and numbers,
    paste all the photos into this file...

  • How to install mods using Fallout 76 Quick Configuration

    using Fallout 76 Quick Configuration

    Hello there!

    Understandably, many people are confused about the mod manager, so I made this guide.
    I know this guide looks long and boring, but I recommend taking the time and reading all of it.
    I try my best to cut to the chase, promised.

    If, after reading this, you still have a question, feel free to drop a post or to PM me. :)

    0. Table of contents

    Understanding the workflow
    Configuring mods
    More information
    NexusMods API

    1. Requirements
    Before you use the mod manager, you first need to...

    set the game edition and
    pick the game path.

    You fin...

  • About translations

    About translations
    My tool now supports localization with version 1.3 and onwards.
    NEW: As of version 1.6, you can simply auto-update language files from the tool. No manual installation required.
    If you'd like to collaborate, then you can translate it to your native language by following these instructions:

    Creating new translations:

    Look up the ISO code for your language (e.g. "en-US" is English, USA): http://www.lingoes.net/en/translator/langcode.htm
    Open the "languages" folder which is located in C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Local\Fallout 76 Quick Configuration\.
    Copy "en-US.xml" and rename it to your language's ISO code. (e.g. "de-DE.xml")
    Open the newly created xml file and change the follo...


    this mod brings with it a series of fallout documents that change the most powerful details for the best possible gameplay...

  • Hidden Standard Backpack

    You can hide your backpack by using this mod. 
    Regardless of other cosmetics modifications, it just hide standard backpack which is hand-maded by you.
    You'll be free from big backpacks....

  • Make Ballons not Meat

    This mod will convert your meatpiles to Balloons so there much easier to see. It helps if there in water as well. As it will stick out.

    Credits goes to Make Balloons not bags for the balloons idea and glowing meatpiles just because they did theirs first....

  • xTraslator Inventory Plus 76 install guide

    Download mod, unzip in game folder
    Download xTraslator and use tool Header Wizard, last tab at the top
    Select the correct path in point 1 and then click on the patch button, the four  files (fontconfig_en.txt, translate_en.txt, fonts_en.swf, fonts_ru.swf) are automatically injected, look image.
    Close xTraslator and Play game




  • Something soon

    After some long absence and a really weird sleep schedule I am back to fix some issues. I am currently looking into making this texture mod a ba2 file with little success. If necessary I may need to use BAKA . 

    The way that I mod the texture uses the .dds files within Bethesda's ba2 files. More recently I have been unable to extract any new versions of the dds files that contain the actual textures. Additionally this also is more low effort work as I can only do basic edits. To aid the setup of textures I went looking for a way to export nif files . Long story short Nifscope doesn't work for F76 so I found an alternative. Using a program called Nija Ripper I was able to rip the necessary Object files . Just spent a majority of the day getting the front portion of the Pipbo...

  • Font Library Installation Instructions (Russian)

    Инструкция по установке библиотеки шрифтов


    К сожалению, Fallout 76 не загружает файлы напрямую из папки interface, как это делал Fallout 4. К тому же после обновления от 10 июня 2019, невозможно переопределить библиотеку шрифтов, загружая ее в стороннем BA2-архиве. Поэтому, единственный способ установки шрифтов - перепаковка одного из оригинальных BA2-архивов, со всеми вытекающими последствиями, такими, как невозможность играть в ...

  • Manual Patching Guide

    Since 10th June, 2019 Bethesda have made it impossible to load custom fonts via standard third party mods. If you still want the icons you'll need to modify the main game files directly as described below.

    Warning: By modifying the main ba2s you may cause instability, or possibly get banned from the game. Although it seems no one ever has been banned for this.

    Note: You need to swap the modded and original ba2s around if you want to play Nuclear Winter as Bethesda are doing integrity checks for that mode.

    Tools Required
    xTranslator v1.3.1 or greater

    Patching the Game Files
    Important: If you ever get errors when patching make sure xTranslator is up-to-date.
    From the downloaded mod zip extract the _xTranslatorHe...

  • Special Case Mods

    Some mods require you to place it in a special place in the custom.ini file, like sResourceStartUpArchiveList, sResourceArchiveList2 and sResourceIndexFileList.

    If that's the case tell me, so I can update the mod to include them...

  • Samurai kimono and hakama bathrobe


  • Launch game without launcher.

    Add these lines to your \My Games\ Fallout 76\Fallout76Custom.ini


    Now you can either launch the game directly or add it to your steam library and launch it from there. All you'll have to do is press Enter few times, as your credentials will already be pre-filled for your convenience....