Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
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  • Max Item Quantities

    This brief article covers the maximum item quantities set in the vanilla game.


    Most inventory items have a max limit of 99.

    The exceptions are:

    Most Potions: Max 9
    High Potion: 5 ─ High Potion, High Ether
    Ex Potion: 3 ─ Ex Potion, Ex Ether
    Key Items: 1 ─ Village Key, Silver Bromide, Hair Apparent, etc
    Bloodbringer (Weapon): 1


    Bullets actually have a limit of 999, but capacity upgrades are needed to raise the initial limit of 29.

    This means you can't start with more than 29 bullets.


    Most shards have a maximum of 9.

    The exceptions are:

    Alchemic Bounty (Skill): 9

  • Item Codes

    This article lists the item codes you can use as cheats. You can search for an item here to find its code. As the list includes every item min the game, it's recommended that you finish your first playthrough to avoid spoilers.

    How Item Codes Work

    Item codes let you start with any item, in quantities of 1, 2, or the item's maximum. This includes shards.

    To use an item code, just enter the item ID as your save file name.

    To start with two or maximum items, prefix the item ID with 2 or Max.


    The save file names below will start a game with 1, 2, and 99 Flying Beef.

    By searching the ID list below (with Ctrl + F), we know the item ID for Flying Beef is HaagentiFilet.

    Save File Name:...

  • Cheat Codes

    This article lists the default cheat codes that are part of the vanilla game, and the new cheat codes added in the original version of Real Cheats.

    Unlocks & Effects


    NIGHTMARE ─ Permanently unlock Nightmare difficulty

    Head Size

    BIGHEAD ─ Make Miriam's head twice as big
    TINYHEAD ─ Make Miriam's head twice as small

    Item Codes

    Classic Codes

    These were added in Real Cheats versions 1 & 2.

    6666 ─ Start with Warhorse's Key - Challenge a difficult boss early
    ADAPTABLE ─ Start with all shortcuts unlocked - Map loadouts to shortcut slots
    BANDANA ─ Start with Recycle Hat - Infinite ammo (once you find some)