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    • grim dawn mod to let low level players use high level items

      grim dawn mod to let low level players use high level items,

      all items are from original grim dawn, i just made all items require level 2 and physique spirit cunning 45...

    • Translations

      Translations are needed for languages: Arabic, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech, German, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Turkish, Chinese.

      en.w3strings source file looks like this:
      ; id      |key(hex)|key(str)| text
         2114234000|fc921528||Running, sprinting and jumping does not use Stamina.
         2114234001|1b06cd0a||Slows time. If 3 Adrenaline Points are available, actions don't deplete Stamina.
         2114234002|1b06cd09||Slows time. Stronger effect.
         2114234003|1b06cd08||Slows time.
         2114234100|75fc4116||Raven's gauntlets
         2114234101|69f986a4||Raven's trousers
         2114234102|c358c6fe||Raven's silver sword
         2114234103|4e46841a||Raven's s...

    • Krull Glaive mod

      Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to 3D modeling and modding. I hope you all get a lot of enjoyment from using this mod.

      After seeing that it was possible to spin objects when using telekinesis I thought the Glaive absolutely needed to be in Blade & Sorcery....

    • Description in russian

      Описание на русском

      Это mod No Levels (Normal) версии 1.3.1 (сделано для оригинальных версий игры 1.31 и 1.32)

      No Levels mod поставляется в 2 версиях:
      1) Lite - который делает только изменения, связанные с уровнем. И некоторые исправления.
      2) Normal - содержит все изменения из Lite и добавляет дополнительные особенности "качества жизни" сверху.

      Скопировать папки "modNoLevels" или "modNoLevelsLite" в папку установки игры ".../The Witcher 3/mods/".
      Если ...

    • Locked organic containers

      This mod locks all plants in game. That's all....


      This mod brings The Bad Batch into star wars , this replaces the clone commander textures with ones inspired by the Clone force 99 ...

    • About the leeks

      This is the first mod I've created, so It may be buggy. The issues that I've seen include:
      - Imbues don't look great and sounds don't match up
      - The blunt leek doesn't fly as great as the sharp leek
      - The sharp leek can't pierce even though it should
      I'm not great at bug fixing...

    • Accessing Shield Module for Modding

      For all the modders out there, I specifically built this module with the idea future modders will want to or need to modify and access it. Below is the documentation on how to do this.

      Using The FPSShieldModule Namespace

      In order to access my mods scripts and corresponding script objects and properties, you will need to access its namespace structure that stores all these class objects. I recommend reading this very short article on Namespaces if you are not familiar with them before moving forward:

      You can access my mods namespace using: FPSShieldModule

      First, you need to download the latest mod script files, under the files section -HERE-, and put/extract...

    • Texture Pack Updated to V0.03

      I've updated the texture pack to now be 8x the vanilla resolution. I've also generated PBR materials for roughly 1/3 of the textures.  
      In addition, I've upscaled over 800 sprite frames to 4x the vanilla resolution.

      Current Issues:

      Emission maps have not been created so windows will not yet illuminate properly.
      Upscaled sprites seem to have shrunk just slightly from the size of their originals. I'm not sure why, but I will investigate.

    • Why mod contention management is important

      I was working on a new spell/potion mod for GreedFall and realized something. Many of the files I had to edit were contention points. That is, greedfall has a number of large configuration files that configure many things in one place. For example, the file items_autogen_equipements.sli defines every item
      that you can hold or wear in the game. So if you install a mod that affects items, maybe it makes them lighter, chances are it is incompatible with all other mods that make any changes to any other item. Looks, price, upgrade options, etc... The default Vortex contention strategy is to resolve at the File level. If 2 mods edit the same file, you must choose which one to install.

      So ... I took a week and created a trivial merge manager called "Mod Slot Support" that supp...

    • TEKKEN 7 - SOUQ Need For Speed 4 OST BGM MOD

      This replaces "SOUQ".
      Round 1: Paradigm Shifter
      Final Round: Quantum Singularity

      Music used:Need For Speed 4
      Round 1 : youtu.be/-fF5yi3m2HY
      Final Round: youtu.be/KZ4wiw_vh1s

      Download : www.mediafire.com/file/lov4b25…

      To install this mod:
      1. Download on the right, Format is "zip", inside there's two "Pak" files.
      2. Go to example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mod  (If you dont have the folder "~mod", just create a folder with same name)
      3. Open the zip and extract the .pak file to "~mod".
      4. Start the game and try it out....

    • Side Quests and Additional Locations

      Side Quest/Location Guide

      This guide is to help you with side quests and in general finding all of the side content.

      There are mild spoilers here - I recommend doing some exploring before using this.

      Side Quests:

      Lurking Below - Start Location: Simply walk to the southwest section of the map and it will start automatically.

      For Glory (and Steel) - Start Location: Johanna's Lake at the far northern part of the map - simply enter the cabin at the edge of the canyon. Note: for this quest make sure to defeat everything both outside and inside both buildings.

      Do You Know Darkwood? - Start Location: Talk to Jess in Darkwood Falls.

      Books for...

    • Vault 181 Player Settlement

      Manual Install, simply extract the archive contents to your fallout4 folder and enable in game....

    • Upcoming Changes For 1.1.5

      Upcoming Changes For 1.1.5

      For this patch I plan on attempting to do something about fixing bugs, cleaning up spells for better performance, and any other issues that exist rather than focusing on new things, though there may be a few new things added. This update will probably require a new game or the use of a save cleaner such as ReSaver from Fallrim Tools.

      - Removed redundant conditions and magic effects from several spells to increase overall performance.

      - Added in a missing texture to one of twiggy's spells.

      - Fixed the attack speed debuffs that some pets possessed.

      - Magic damage debuffs were changed from debuffing the enemy to buffing surrounding allies magic resistance.

      Lowering magic damage without using...

    • Better Beard and Skin Tone added for Scott Ryder.

      Better beard and skin tone mod:
      A subtle change to Scott Ryder's beard, and skin. Beard is now less patchy, skin is less oily, and skin tone is slightly tanned. The dark circles around his eyes are lighter.

      Created in Frosty Editor version, for latest version of Mass Effect Andromeda. FrostyMod Manager required....

    • Requiem 4.0.1 released with important bugfixes

      as usual, our blog posts are posted on our Confluence: Requiem 4.0.1 released with important bugfixes...

    • Epic Necromancy 1.6 Update and 'Roadmap' (2020)

      After neglecting it for too long, I've finally updated Epic Necromancy to iron out all of the reported bugs (including creatures attacking necromancers) and add a few features (including adjustable aggression levels).

      Major changes:

      Creatures will no longer be aggressive to other necromancers, ending the bloodbaths going on in peoples lairs.
      Creature aggression is now adjustable in the .ini, letting you take your undead followers into civilisation with you if that's how you like to play! You can also adjust their movement with a multiplier.
      The final-tier Skeleton Sentinel has had a HUGE overhaul, making it as interesting and game-changing as the Ancient Zombie: instead of farting about with a sword and bow and often losing both, it now uses a claymore ...

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