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    • Simple Mod Installer

      This is a simple and small "mod installer". You select the .zip file downloaded from here or racedepartment. Select the folder you choosed when installing MSCModLoader and click the install button.
      It will extract the zip file to the selected folder. (Folder that can be used are marked green)

      (depending on how the mods of others are archived, this will also work with them)ONLY STEAM VERSION IS SUPPORTEDYou can get it here: Google Drive

      For other mods to function: they need to be in .zip format.
      And have the following structure as shown with my turbo as an example:

      So inside the .zip file needs to be a folder that is named the same as the zip file (minus the extension)
      (This is the default result if you have your mod...

    • Update log: v0.5 of TLC is underway

      THIS UPDATE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

      So i remembered that TLC was undoubtedly a thing that existed, and since its first release, many features and items have been both added, and removed.
      unfortunately, sprites are no longer interactable outside of the first entry, so most of the sprite dialogues i had spent days writing no longer matters.
      As well as a multitude of items in the pack being obsolete at this point, as they already exist in the base game as of a few updates back.
      However, to end...

    • Known Issues

      Known "Issues":
      Fort Dawnguard also pulls it textures from the CoW Doors. Unless new meshes are made for both doors and an .esp file created this cannot be helped. Unfortunately, that is beyond my skill set. If someone would like to do this, they are more than welcome.

      The Midden Hatch Door pulls it's textures from the side of the door textures and looks a little odd; this cannot be helped.

      LOD flickers with Vanilla Textures until very close to the College. If anyone can provide help, it would be greatly appreciated. There is an SSE mod that address this, but it has not been back ported.

    • How AI Overhaul works and creating new AI behavior

      How AI Overhaul works & creating new AI behavior
      Writing this article for those that would like to start making their own AI and how I went about creating new AI behaviors.
      To get started:
      The creation kit website has great resources to help you understand what you’re working with and how it works.

      Package Templates:
      Condition Functions:
      How AI Overhaul works?

    • Commission Info

      I am finally back to modding and back open to accepting commissions, but many details have changed since then, and you can read the changes I have made to accepting commissions below:

      ~I will only accept on commission at a time- if I do not respond to your commission inquiries as soon as possible, it is one of three things: either there is already a commission from someone else being worked on, I am asleep/out of town, or I am in the middle of Final Fantasy 14.

      ~Base pricings as well as payment methods have changed- any and all mods used to be around $5-$20, but I have had to change things to prevent from becoming overwhelmed or burned out. The new pricings are as follows:
          -Normal mods start at $25, with any additional changes to a mod outside of the ori...

    • Challenger Achievement

      Use this to get the Challenger Achievement quickly and easily.

      Or follow my guide:

    • Requiem Developer Diary 6 - Side effects of leveling up

      as usual, our blog posts are posted on our Confluence: Requiem Developer Diary #6: Side effects of leveling up...

    • Patchnotes of the version 3.0.5

      Patchnotes of the version 3.0.5.

      The update 3.0.5 is a transition update, laying the fondations for some of the future changes and features of the mod.
      As such, and to avoid too much charge, there won't be a document for the update 3.0.5 in the game, instead, the content of this update will be developed below, and will also be included in the patchnotes of the future update 3.1.

      This article itself will be deleted when the update 3.1 will be released, as the patchnotes of the version 3.1 will also include the details about the update 3.0.5.

      -- Part one: Bugs fixes.
      -- Part two: Perks and modifications.
      -- Part three: Items and modifications.

      -- Part one: Bugs fixes --

      - Patience (Rank 1): Fixed ...

    • Notes de la mise a jour 3.0.5

      Notes de mise à jour 3.0.5.

      La mise à jour 3.0.5 est une mise à jour de transition, posant certaines bases pour les prochaines améliorations du mod.
      Par conséquent, et pour éviter la surchage, il n'y aura pas de document de mise à jour 3.0.5 inclus dans le jeu, le contenu de celle-ci sera donc développé ci-dessous, et sera inclus dans les notes de mise à jour de la future version 3.1.

      Cet article lui-même sera supprimé lorsque la mise à jour 3.1 sera disponible, car les notes de mise à jour 3.1 comporteront également les détails sur la mise à jour 3.0.5.

      -- Première partie: Correctifs.
      -- Deuxième partie: Modifications et ajustements d'aptitudes.
      -- Troisième partie: Modifications et ajustements d'objets.

    • About curved bows and Bethesda's bone structure of handling the animations.

      This is something that has always bothered me about Skyrim, and bows.

      Little background first.
      When I started making bows for Oblivion there wasn't any exporter for any modeling program that could export the animation needed to make bows move in game.
      I racked my head trying to figure out how spending hours inputting x,y, and z locations of vertices by hand (literally hundreds of them for each model) but failed to get them to work in game.

      Along comes Windy who figured out how to trick NifSkope into thinking two models of the same bow (one at rest, and one morphed) were the same bow, and having it draw the animation between the two of them for you.
      Thank you Windy!!!!!

      Bowmorphs that Oblivion used would allow for an even curve along the...

    • read if you want

      I just made this mod in a day, i plan on updating it and have plans for a quick little dungeon mod...

    • GeekMyVehicle

      You can buy Quests from the trader which will allow you to upgrade your vehicles.
      vehicle available:
      tier 1 bike
      tier 2 bike
      minibike tier 1
      minibike tier 2
      minibike tier 3
      tier 1 motorcycle
      tier 2 motorcycle
      tier 3 motorcycle
      4x4 tier 1
      4x4 tier 2
      Gyrocopter tier 1
      Gyrocopter tier 2
      Gyrocopter tier 3
      Tier 4 gyrocopter...

    • Yokohama Gundam

      This mod was created to bring in the Yokohama 1-to-1 Gundam into MSFS.  Slightly larger in the mod ;)...

    • kite what you want

      They can say if there is an error or say what you think and well I'll see it when I have time...


      "Id": "TestMod",
      "DisplayName": "Test Mod",
      "Author": "PopCap EA",
      "Version": "1.0.0",
      "ManagerVersion": "1.0.0",
      "GameVersion": "1.0.0",
      "Requirements": ,
      "LoadAfter": ,
      "AssemblyName": "TestMod.dll",
      "EntryMethod": "TestMod.Main.Load"
      "Abilitys": "Zomboss Warp. FTL Jump. Mech."

    • MHWI soulworker ephnel desire worker JP Voice Mod

      This mod replaces female voice 16 with  ephnel desire jp voice

      Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Monster Hunter World \ 

      Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Monster Hunter World \ nativePC \ sound \ wwise \ Windows \...

    • 30k Stacks

      This mod allows the player to have stacks of 30,000 for every item, block, consumable....

    • FAQ

      Below I answer common questions regarding A Koalaty Race Overhaul. If you have a question that is not addressed here, feel free to ask it in my comments section.

      I installed your mod and now my attack speed is all messed up. Help

      You have another mod that implements a different attack speed fix, introduces attack speed bonuses that are not compatible with Weapon Speed Effects Fix, or overwrites one of the fixes implemented by Weapon Speed Effects Fix.

      One of your races is too strong, please fix it.

      This mod has been balanced with The Phoenix Flavour in mind. If you have mods installed that significantly increase the importance of a particular attribute, you can feel free to adjust the numbers to your liking in SSEEdit.

    • M25 Dartford Crossing London

      Here is my first project. I am learning as I go. So please be gentle.

      I think this will be the final update.

      Now has Traffic on the Bridge. Also has Street Lighting and Red Warning Beacons on the Top of the Bridge.

      Sorry for so many Updates to the files.
      Learning is fun but also means once I got one bit done and uploaded I find out how to do something else.

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