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    News & Updates

    • Getting the seeds

      These seeds are unique rewards after completing some challenges:

      Always spare some crops to put in the seed maker because the seeds will not be sold!

      Ancient Flower: Mail from Gunther after shipping 5 ancient fruits
      Ancient Tuber: Mail from Gunther after shipping 5 ancient flowers
      Ancient Nut: Ship 5 Ancient Tubers and complete CC/Joja - Mail from Morris or from Junimos
      Ancient Fern: Get 10 hearts with all Vanilla non-marriable NPCs and Ship 5 ancient nut
      Ancient Coffee Bean: Complete Qi challenge (get to level 25 in skull cave), ship 5 Ancient Fern and you will get a new challenge from him (obtain level 10 in all skills - if you're using level extender it should work up to level 20)
      Ancient Olive - Ship one ancient coff...

    • Teddy Bear Script with Messages. Operates similarly to a Magic 8 Ball.

      Here is the script with all the messages if anyone wants to see them or use the script in their own work. Formatting is off and it's my first script ever, but whatevs.

      Begin OnEquipPlayer
                     Set WasItemEquipped to 1
      Begin MenuMode 1
                     If WasItemEquipped                        
                                   if (getrandompercent <0 )
                                                  MessageBox "I squish my teddy bear and feel very loved."

    • Hints and Walkthrough

      Hints (Detailed Walkthrough below)

      CASTLE, FIRST PUZZLE: Use the scroll

      CASTLE, RATS NEXT DOOR: Look at your map

      LABYRINTH, WALL TEXT: Read the three texts carefully.

      LABYRINTH, TELEPORTERS: Mark the teleporters on your map, also use the mummies to find the way.

      LABYRINTH, GOLEMS: They won't follow, nothing more to hint here.

      LABYRINTH, RINGS: Same as TELEPORTERS only without mummies. Also keep your eyes open.

      DEAD END, SPIKES: Mind the torches. Also don't forget the walls.

      DEAD END, RATS: Don't just jump, you can't move while falling. Also don't forget the walls.

      DEAD END, SPIDERS: There is only one way to treat spiders. Texts are important.

      DEAD END, FIRE: Really, you n...

    • Dark Souls Save Recover

      Dark Souls Save Recover
      Program to save and load gameplay in moment game....

    • Achtung

      Falls du dich mit dem CK auskennst, bitte melde dich Wir suchen immer nach neuen Leuten...

    • Greedfall texture modding hack

      The game will accept files dumped in the datalocal folder but the only tool I know that can edit the .pgz archives is Ego PSSG Editor by Ryder25 but it won't export/import textures into the archive. Resorep won't extract or replace the large files you see on screen because they don't have the dds extension and other stuff to do with texture streaming that I don't understand.

      The only way round it is to manually copy the texture data from the large textures to the tiny textures that Resorep can extract and replace (using the PSSG editor) and then use Resorep to run the texture normally. It's a real pain in the arse and hopefully someone will come up with a more elegant way to replace textures and quickly because if you want to use this method to causally mod the game, it wi...

    • More depth info

      Global changes first.

      -AOOs(Attack of opportunity, including counter-attacks).
      All AOOs now have penalty of 20% less final hit chance. For example, attacker has 90 melee skill, target has 40 defense, it will result 50% chance to hit with regular attacks and 40% for AOOs. It will make zoning less effective than in vanilla, and will balance counter-attacks. Spearwall and Riposte changes below.
      -Fatigue/Balance. Skills are available even when you have no fatigue/balance(no fatigue? still can use footwork/rotation to save your scum). Instead of blocking skills, losing balance do apply penalty to defense(up to 80%) and small penalty to accuracy(up to 20%). Penalty starts at 50% of lost balance and lineally scales to it's maximum at 90% lost balance. Actors recover 20% of...

    • FYI

      In case people are still visiting this page in 2019, soon to be 2020 - the mod is still being worked on, I'm just not updating the standalone version anymore. No reason to, Grimarillion has everything from Grim Quest and I'm working on both. Easier for me to just maintain grimarillion downloads. Visit the official Grim Dawn forums and download it/talk about it there.


    • 2B Snow outfit

      paste the 2 files here
      \NieR - Automata\Far_res\inject\textures...

    • MC v0.3.1

      BT 1.7 forced me to release early to bring in BT 1.7 support. Mainly adds support for this, plus some additional features and minor bug fixes. Any remaining v0.3.1 milestone items are pushed to v0.3.2.

      Major Features

      Added BattleTech 1.7 support
      Added 'Battle+ / Three-Way' contract type support

      Minor Features

      Additional Lances: Support added for mult-folder support under the MC/lances directory
      Additional Lances: Support madlibs for lance and unit tags for MC/lances configs


      Random Spawns: Made the search algorithm more efficient. It might help with load times a little.

      Bugs Fixed

      Random Spawns: Caught an error that occurs ...

    • Foreign Lands Version 3.0 Preliminary Patch Notes

      Foreign Lands version 3.0: A New Age

      Introduction: Hello followers of Foreign Lands and Newcomers! It was a little over a month ago that I edited the front page of this mod with a notice that version 3.0 would be coming soon with a massive amount of bugfixes and changes. I've been working on some really cool new features and quality of life improvements to the mod, one of which is something that's been very experimental that I've received a lot of help with from Raiden Ripper, maker of the battle pack editor, zodiac age editor, and similar tools. (And let's be honest, he's the one doing all the real work on it. I'm just the ideas guy.)

      This has taken a bit of time, both because this experiment is something we're working on slowly, but also because I want to take my ...

    • Starter Kits Explained

      Hey guys!

      If you're reading this, you probably wanted a better understanding of the starter kits found in this mod.
      Simply put, I found it would be a nice idea for people wanting a better headstart on roleplaying as a member of a faction, and thus, the starter kit was born!

      Each starter kit was custom tailored to be effective, fair, and provide a reasonable kit to begin playing with, all for free too!,  be careful though, you can only get one!

      To obtain a starter kit,

      If Vault Start:
      you will want to interact with the giant toy rocket standing directly outside the vault.

      If NV Start:
      you will want to run over to the Goodsprings General Store, and interact with the toy rocket sitting atop the Mojave Express bin....

    • Retaming Two Wastelands: Patch Notes

      Mod for Fallout New Vegas "Tale of Two Wastelands";
      Fallout New Vegas "Ultimate Edition" (All DLC)
      Fallout 3 "Game of the Year Edition" (All DLC)
      Tale of Two Wastelands (Ver. 3.32 of Mod)
      YUPTTW (Bug fixes for TTW, Included with TTW)
      Version 1.0
      Plasma Defender; reduced ammo capacity from 32 to 12
      Gauss Rifle; reduced ammo used from 4/5 to 1
      Holorifle; buffed ammo cap from 4 to 10
      Recharger Rifle; reduced ammo cap from 7 to 1, reduced ammo used from 1 to 0, converted to automatic fire
      Recharger Pistol; reduced ammo cap from 20 to 1, reduced ammo used from 1 to 0, reduced value from 2700 to 250
      MF Hyperbreeder Alpha; reduced ammo cap from 10 to 1, reduced ammo u...

    • How to merge Optional files

      These instructions are for those who'd like to use more than one of the Optional files, but not the whole mod.

      Merge Plugins and its requirements


      rename the ESPs of the Optional files so that their are all different from each other and from "Misc Dialogue Edits.esp" (example: "Misc Dialogue Edits 1.esp", "Misc Dialogue Edits 2.esp", ...)
      if an Optional file contains a sound folder, go to sound -> voice folder and you should see a folder called "Misc Dialogue Edits.esp"; rename that folder to the name you chose for that Optional file's ESP (example: "Misc Dialogue Edits 1.esp", "Misc Dialogue Edits 2.esp", ...)
      install the desired Optional files; if you followed correctly the previous steps, you should n...

    • Detailed description

      Here's a more detailed explanation of the features of this mod.
      Note: if you see random spaces in this text, I'm sorry but I don't know why they are there, I tried to fix them, but I didn't succeed, they don't appear in edit mode.

      The number of changes is starting to become too big for a detailed explanation of each of them, so, instead of a list, I'll provide the guidelines that I followed to regulate the way rumors and news spread around Skyrim, regarding dragons. These aren't strict rules, some changes were made based on the content and the context of each dialogue line, but they should offer a general idea of my method.

      Guidelines for the vanilla game and for Alternate Start - Live Another Life:
      stage 5 or higher of quest MQ102 "Before ...

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